ISO 9001:2015

Commitment to quality is Concurrent Technologies’ primary corporate objective. To achieve this objective we build close, long term relationships with our customers based on quality and an indepth understanding of how to meet their specific requirements. We design the quality into a product from the start. Every new product is rigorously qualified against its specification before release, so ensuring highly reliable performance.

Every employee is responsible for the quality of his/her contribution to the company. By continuously improving internal performance, we maintain a very high level of quality and customer service.

Regular quality audits promote continual improvement in all aspects of quality within Concurrent Technologies.

We design and manufacture to the highest standards. Our products are checked carefully for compliance to the appropriate standards at each stage of development, from the initial design and in-house PCB layout, to assembly, test and final inspection. Only high-quality components are purchased and assembled according to internationally recognized workmanship standards.  After assembly, most boards undergo extensive functional testing followed by active temperature cycling over their entire operating temperature range while carrying out comprehensive diagnostics. All quality systems and processes are reviewed and monitored regularly to ensure adequate control and traceability.

Concurrent Technologies’ total quality system is described by our Quality Manual.