XMC Applications

We specialize in developing and manufacturing very long life-cycle embedded products for use in a range of critical applications and challenging environmental conditions.  Typical applications include: Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Command, Control, Communications, Compute (C4), RADAR, LIDAR, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Simulation and Guidance.
We offer a range of 3U rugged products that are optimized for Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) that may be suitable for use in a range of aerospace based applications in challenging environmental conditions.
Communications is a broad category and Concurrent Technologies products for the communications market usually reside near the edge of a network providing connectivity or gateway type functionality.  Typical applications include 3G/4G basestation equipment, VoIP gateway, adjunct services and local control and storage.
Our industrial focus is to provide control procesors for rack mounted, modular applications requiring lots of I/O capability.

Typical applications include oil and gas extraction/exploration, production control, renewable energy systems and semiconductor process equipment and optical instrumentation

Typical transportation applications include control of driverless freight trains, automatic number plate recognition systems, signage and control, ticketing solutions and flight control information systems. Some of our original Multibus II cards are still in use in transportation applications over 25 years after shipment.

XMC modules are an ideal way to add functionality to modular, open standards based systems. These mezzanine modules are about the size of a postcard and are plugged into compatible slots on a host processor or carrier board to create the right mix of functionality for specific applications.  XMC modules typically have two high bandwidth connectors that mate to a carrier board, one for power and PCI Express for control and the other for user I/O.

Unlike many alternative mezzanine standards which are aimed at commercial air cooled installations, XMCs are widely deployed in rugged conduction cooled solutions as the underlying standards define the necessary mechanical requirements for both the modules and carriers.

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