Sub 10 Watt 3U VPX Intel® Atom™ processor board offers fast boot capability

October 8th, 2013 – Concurrent Technologies announces their first 3U VPX processor board, the TR D2x/msd, based on the Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family (codename Bay Trail). The TR D2x/msd takes advantage of the features of this newly released Atom processor and provides 3U VPX users with a very low power solution of under 10 watts in some configurations. With a potential boot time of approximately 3 seconds, applications for this board are expected within with the defense and security markets where excellent performance per watt as well as very good graphical capabilities are essential.

The Intel® Atom processor E3800 product family (launched in October 2013) includes single and multicore options, and is specifically targeted to offer excellent performance/watt, while supporting Intel® Gen 7 graphics and ECC support for data integrity.

The TR D2x/msd features the 4-core 1.91 GHz (10W) Intel® Atom processor E3845 or the 1-core 1.46 GHz (5W) Intel® Atom processor E3815, with 4 Gbytes of DDR3L ECC DRAM. Additional features include Graphics (DVI-D or VGA), SATA 300 interfaces, serial interfaces, as well as options for stereo audio and a High Speed CANbus controller interface. Further features can be added via the board’s XMC site, which is an alternative option to the front panel I/O option. The board provides a flexible PCI Express® backplane fabric interface for use in systems defined by OpenVPX® (VITA 65).

The user has the choice to boot the board using the full feature BIOS or the optional Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP). which provides for a much improved boot time capability of approximately 3 seconds. Further optional features include Built-in Test (BIT) and a board level security package which provides a means to enhance the security of equipment to prevent access to sensitive data and key Intellectual Property.

The TR D2x/msd can be integrated into systems together with Concurrent Technologies’ PCI Express switches and mass storage boards. To ease integration, many of today’s leading embedded operating systems including Windows®, Linux® and VxWorks® are supported.

The TR D2x/msd processor board is released as a commercial air-cooled board and ruggedized variants will follow.

“We are delighted to announce one of the first 3U VPX processor boards based on this newly released Intel Atom technology and, at the same time, introduce support for the fast boot capability of Intel’s Firmware Support Package to our product lines”, Glen Fawcett, CEO, Concurrent Technologies, commented.

“The combination of high performance, low power, fast boot capability, and board security features is essential to some of our customers, particularly within the defence markets; the TR D2x/msd should appeal to both existing and new customers alike”.

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Sub 10 Watt 3U VPX Intel® Atom™ processor board offers fast boot capability


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