“The Dark Powers of Intel Processor Boards” – Amelia’s Weekly Fish Fry

Embedded Tech Trends and the Dark Powers of Intel Processor Boards

At the recent Embedded Tech Trends event held in New Orleans, the conference theme was The VooDoo Behind Critical and Intelligent Embedded Systems. During the event, Amelia Dalton of EE Journal took the opportunity to record one of her weekly Fish Fry audio conversations with Nigel Forrester of Concurrent Technologies. This short recording revolves around what he describes as the “dark powers of Intel-based processor boards”; how they can be utilised to improve application performance with the latest generation of boards based on Intel processors; an introduction to a new AdvancedMC® module targeted to applications in the high-speed physics community.

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"The Dark Powers of Intel Processor Boards" - Amelia’s Weekly Fish Fry


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