Concurrent Technologies Enhances Security

Concurrent Technologies announces a range of enhancements and measures for embedded computing solutions.

These enhancements are available for AdvancedMC®, CompactPCI®, VME, VPX™ and XMC boards based on Intel® processor devices announced by Concurrent Technologies since 2014 and will be available on all boards planned for release this year based on next generation technologies.

Concurrent Technologies Enhances Security

For those customers using Windows® 10 or a recent version of Linux®, Concurrent Technologies now offers a factory fitted TPM 2.0 as an alternative build option to the original TPM 1.2 device.  This offers an elevated level of flexibility: those customers already in deployment who need consistency can still obtain boards without a TPM or with the more basic TPM 1.2 and those still developing their solutions can use the TPM 2.0.  The new TPM 2.0 provides improved cryptographic algorithms, enhanced authorization and simplified management features.

Concurrent Technologies is now marketing specific security capabilities as separate utilities.  Initial examples include UEFI based Secure Boot and Sanitization capabilities that are compliant to the appropriate US Defense Security Service (DSS) standards.  Having individual utilities allows customers to select the security element that is appropriate to their needs.  For a more holistic solution, Concurrent Technologies continues to enhance their flagship Guardian Security offering that has been available for several years.  Guardian Security includes many hardware, firmware and software features specific to each board with three key goals: preventing unauthorized use of secure equipment; preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and allowing sensitive data to be purged on-demand.

Glen Fawcett, CEO of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “Concurrent Technologies is committed to responding to customer requirements.  As security has become increasingly important, we have continued to enhance our hardware, firmware and software security offerings to meet the demanding features our customers need for their markets and applications.”

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