Supply Agreement with Global Medical Technology Company

Customer specific high reliability product

Concurrent Technologies, a world leading specialist in the design and manufacture of high-end embedded computer boards for critical applications, has entered into a supply agreement and has received a $2.2 million order for initial product shipments from a global medical technology company based in the USA.  Initial shipments have commenced for qualification purposes with volume shipments scheduled to start at the end of 2022.

The customer’s needs were multi-faceted and challenging: Concurrent Technologies developed a product that maintained backwards compatibility with the external interfaces of the prior product; demonstrated the ability to manage and overcome issues that would prevent multi-year production without changes; met all the customer’s quality and supply chain requirements.  Concurrent Technologies also ported the customer’s application software to work seamlessly on the new hardware, accelerating the introduction of the customer’s next generation machine.

Dr. Miles Adcock, CEO of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “We pride ourselves on delivering extremely reliable products to a very high quality standard which suits customers from many vertical market segments including medical.  The required product was developed at pace in line with the expectation I’ve set for increasing the cadence of new product introductions.  The customer intends to place similar size orders for many years to come providing a steady revenue stream that is wholly accretive to our current business.”

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