About Concurrent Technologies



Concurrent Technologies designs and manufactures a range of computing products for use in critical embedded applications.  The Company was established in 1985 with the majority of products being high performance Single Board Computers (SBC’s) based on Intel® CPU technology.  More recently the product range has expanded to include other Plug in Cards in addition to SBC’s, as well as offering System level products and capability.

Designed to be used in both commercial and rugged environments, our products are used by many of the world’s leading integrators within the Defence, Security, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Medical, Transportation and Industrial markets.

About | Image: Concurrent Technologies Headquarters

We currently have three primary facilities: Colchester in the UK is our manufacturing centre of excellence; Theale in the UK is our primary design centre; Woburn MA is our HQ in the United States with sales and customer support capability.  In addition, we are supported by a world-wide network of distributors and manufacturers’ representatives to ensure that local support is always available to our customers.

Concurrent Technologies is a public company, quoted on the London Stock Exchange.