Senior Systems Development Engineer

Starting Salary: Competitive | Type: Permanent | Location: Colchester, Essex


The Job:

The primary objectives of this role is to be able to define,  build and test small development systems for our customers. These are typically based on third party standard enclosures and our own board level products, with additional third party products often included.  They may be created as standard products or as one-off units for particular customer requirements. In some cases the system will also require pre-installation  of an operating system and some test and/or application software provided by a customer.

The Role Typically, but not exclusively Includes:

  • Liaison with our Marketing and Technical Support teams from the bid stage to specify and define systems based on standard or customised enclosures containing board level products and, where necessary, additional software.
  • Building and testing the prototype systems.
  • Compiling assembly and test instructions for production manufacturing of the systems.
  • Construction and maintenance of technical files to support CE marking of the product.
  • Preparation for, and attendance at, off-site and on-site compliance testing when required.
  • Providing feature set input to the design of new boards and supporting software.
  • Researching standards and technologies to ensure future compliance.
  • Providing input to the board and software design teams to improve the system-level usability of the boards in real applications.
  • Working with the design, purchasing and manufacturing teams as appropriate to achieve the above, and to put the systems into production.

Skills / Qualifications

You should be degree qualified and be able to demonstrate past experience of embedded system design and development, as either a digital electronics engineer or an embedded software engineer.

You are expected to be familiar with some or all of the following:

  • Designing for or with embedded computer boards and software.
  • Building, configuring and testing embedded computer systems.
  • Installing and configuring Windows and Linux operating systems and drivers.
  • Diagnosing and rectifying assembly and other problems to board level.
  • Creation or at least modification of software test scripts and interpreting the test results. (This does not include the creation or modification of software programs.)
  • Understanding and applying the requirements of military and commercial industry standards.

This is a new role for an area of the business which we expect to evolve and expand quickly, and an exciting opportunity to develop both new markets for the company and new responsibilities for the successful candidate. Consequently you should have prior team leading or management experience in a relevant area, even though the role is initially very “hands-on”. You will be involved at all levels and with all other teams in the company, so the role is a great fit for someone who works well independently, is able to take on many different tasks in parallel, and has the organisational and inter-personal skills to develop the role into a key part of the business.


Very competitive salary package, with generous relocation allowance where appropriate. Optional stakeholder pension scheme (with a generous company contribution, Life Assurance and Non-contributory private health insurance scheme.

Starting Salary: Competitive | Type: Permanent | Location: Colchester, Essex