Systems and Support Engineer

Starting Salary: Competitive | Type: Permanent | Location: Woburn, MA


The Company

Concurrent Technologies is an internationally known manufacturer of single board computer products, for the AMC, CompactPCI, VME & VPX bus architectures. Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. We use some of the latest Intel microprocessors in our designs.

We sell into many different markets around the world, but in particular we have a number of high-performance processor and other boards used in defense, telecommunications and aerospace applications.

We now have a vacancy for a Systems and Support Engineer at our US facility.

The Role

  • Assemble evaluation hardware and install operating systems and software
  • Work directly with customers to assist in the use of our hardware and software
  • Work directly with customers to investigate reported issues within their systems
  • Facilitate returns and reproduce customer issues
  • Perform inspection of incoming products
  • Configure and update firmware, FPGAs, other programmable devices
  • System assembly and configuration – assemble and configure rugged systems with SBCs, switches, storage networking devices
  • Mechanical and cable assembly
  • Run functional and diagnostic tests
  • Work in on-site lab and with external test facilities
  • Networking configuration and testing


Candidates should have background and degree in computer science or equivalent with some relevant job experience preferred but not mandatory

Required Skills:

  • Comfortable working directly with customers
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Comfortable with electromechanical assembly
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting skills
  • Comfortable installing operating systems and running configuration tools
  • Familiarity with Windows or Linux (prefer both), driver installation and applications, Microsoft Office
  • Linux programming skills would be a plus
  • Familiarity with networks and network connections would be a plus
  • Willingness to work outside of a specific role within a small company
  • Self-motivated and comfortable performing research to learn new technologies and techniques in order to understand and solve problems
  • Must be self-starter, detail oriented, able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Willingness to work in a small office environment
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Candidates should be US citizens or Permanent Residents to be able to work in ITAR facility

Starting Salary: Competitive | Type: Permanent | Location: Woburn, MA