AdvancedMC® (AMC) modules were originally defined as an open standard way to add hot swappable mezzanine modules to AdvancedTCA® blades, mainly for telecom related applications. Over time they have become more widely used to create MicroTCA® systems by plugging them directly into a backplane. The most common AMC format is the single module type which provides sufficient board space to create high performance, modular solutions. Double format modules are better suited for higher power and I/O intensive applications and, driven by an extension of the MicroTCA specification (MTCA.4), are now widely used for high-speed physics experimentation and control. Concurrent Technologies supports AMC modules with Ethernet, PCI Express and RapidIO® interconnects and can offer Fabric Interconnect Networking Software (FIN-S) to simplify the use of multiple modules in a system with low latency, high throughput connections.
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