Concurrent Technologies is shipping 12-core variants of both TR C4x/3sd-RCx and TR G4x/3sd-RCx 3U VPX™ rugged server boards that will operate at the maximum card edge temperature of +85°C with full processor loading, maximizing performance within a single slot.

Both TR C4x/3sd-RCx and TR G4x/3sd-RCx are  rugged server boards based on the Intel® Xeon® D‑1500 processor family. Concurrent Technologies builds variants with up to 16-cores and 64GB of soldered down DDR4 ECC DRAM for resilience against shock and vibration effects.  For mass storage, all boards support an optional 128GB SATA Flash disk drive. Some variants can also be fitted with up to 1TB of direct attached storage, achieved by adding one or two M.2 modules maintaining the single slot solution.  Concurrent Technologies has qualified suitable M.2 modules and is supplying these factory-fitted.

Rugged Server Board