Concurrent Technologies Inc. is a member of the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA™) consortium.

SOSA is a COTS-based open standards initiative that provides rapidly reconfigurable, upgradable, and cost-effective sensor based solutions.  These complex and high performance sensor systems are typically constructed using ‘best in class’ plug in cards that are provided by expert vendors.  Having the ability to upgrade existing systems for higher performance and doing this rapidly enables the delivery of new functionality in a cost effective way and extends the life-cycle of the platform.  The SOSA Consortium provides the collaboration framework for all the stakeholders from government and industry to create these truly interoperable sensor systems.

SOSA LogoConcurrent Technologies’ has a number of plug in cards that have been developed in alignment with the SOSA Technical Standard, a selection are shown below.  Once the conformance program has been released, our intention is to offer products that are conformant with the ‘Technical Standard for SOSA™ Reference Architecture, Edition 1.0′ published September 2021.

For more information about our alliance with SOSA, and an update on the products developed in alignment with the SOSA Technical Standard, contact us here.